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Physical Resources

The library will attempt to make the items below available for students and the community to access and check out. However NHS staff has priority over the equipment if it will be used in their classroom or a project. The best approach is to contact Mr. McKeever to discuss your needs. See his contact information at the bottom of the page or on the about page. 

Chrome Cart.JPG

Chromebook Cart

(30 units)

This mobile cart has 30 Acer R13 Chromebooks which feature a 13" touch screen that can convert into table mode and can download apps from the google play store. 


Can be reserved through a shared google calendar or by calling the library. 

Chrome Books LRC.jpg

Chromebooks housed

in library (12 units)

These Lenovo 300e models are housed in the library and able to be checked out for use in the library and around school. They feature a 11.6" touch screen, can convert to table mode and can download apps from the google play store. 

Chromebooks checkouts.jpg


to check out

While these older first generation Chromebooks are no longer receiving updates they are still able to utilize google docs, which makes them great for students who need a computer to take home for work or to take with on sporting event trips.

E-readers - mp3 players.jpg

Reading Alternatives

Traditional books are great but we don't have a physical copy of every books...But we do have access to the Wisconsin Digital Public Library which has an extensive collection of ebooks and audio books which can be loaded onto an e-reader or mp3 player that can be checked out .


DLSR Camera

This canon DSLR features a 24 MP sensor and is used by students to capture photos for the year book. It has an all in one lens from a wide focal length of 18 mm all the way to 400 mm. Contact Mr. McKeever to discuss it's use as a quick lesson is needed on it's use. 

Hand Held Cameras.jpg

Video Cameras

We have 7 of these JVC camera at the high school. They are hardened again drops and water. Video is recorded to an SD Card. Students are welcome to check these out in the library. 

Video Studio.jpg

Video Recording Studio

Our features two green screen walls, a dual display P.C. running adobe Premiere Pro, OBS and has one HDMI input card. There are two JVC professional video cameras, wireless microphones, lighting kits, tripods and various other equipment needed to produce high quality videos.


Audio Recorder

The Tascam DR-40 is a great little audio recorder. Great for capturing interviews on a the go for podcasts or other various school projects. A quick walk through with Mr. McKeever and anyone will be ready to record some great audio.

Podcast Studio.jpg

Audio Recording Studio

This basic setup features a sound mixing board, two external microphones, a laptop for recording to and audio editing. Since it is basic and straight forward it's relativley easy to use and can produce great sounding audio. 

VR Goggles.JPG

VR Goggles

Set of 30 with phones

Prefect for taking students on a virtual field trip. This setup mainly relies on the google expedition app, which is free. The teacher control when and what the students see. Here is a link to the list of VR opportunities (which are being updated weekly) offered via the Expeditions app. 


70" TV 

on mobile stand

This setup has come in handy when projectors far or sports banquets are held after school  or special national or world news is happening. It's on wheels so it can go anywhere in the school. Talk with Enerson or McKeever if interested in checking it out.

Misc Accessories.jpg


cords / adapters

It happens on a weekly basis that someone needs an adapter for something so over the course of a few years we've managed to get a cord or adapter for nearly any occasion. 


Library displays

New books are put on display as well as other themed displays (e.g. Authors collection, specific genre or topic, etc.... If you like to see a certain type of display or have an idea for something don't hesitate to chat with us, we'd love to make it happen.

**This list is still being updated and is not complete**

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