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This is meant as an area for students, staff and the community to share their thoughts, comments reviews, etc... about books. Read a new book and want to recommend it...go for it. Would you like to share your 2 cents about up coming release... add a new note on the Padlet canvas below.  You can do it from this website or click the box with an arrow        on the top right of the Padlet to get more work area. 

Want to recommend a book for the library to purchase?

Fill out the form below the Padlet.


Please use proper online etiquette (e.g. being respectful, using appropriate language , not oversharing information, etc...)

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Book Suggestions

The NHS library welcomes your book suggestions. You can fill out this form or talk with Mr. McKeever or Mrs. Enerson in the library.

Thanks for your submission, it will be considered for the next book order

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