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Can Peace Lead to War?

World History - Mr. Burch

You just finished examining World War I which ended with the Treaty of Versailles. Below are two clips that provide a brief background about the treaty as a refresher .  

Our next unit we look at the question - Can peace lead to war? As our example, we'll be looking at WWI, the Treaty of Versailles and how well the peace agreement agreed to after WWI actually worked out. 

This site is designed to help guide you through this assignment. Please notice the four buttons on the top of this page:

Assignment - Lays out the basics of the assignment and the grading rubric.

Resources - Provides a good jumping off point for research. The paper could be written with these resources alone but you are encourages to seek others as well. Resources are briefly described and some contain screen casts to help you better navigate them. 

Communication / Collaboration  -Provides a space to share additional resources you might find during your research, to provide helpful tips to fellow classmates, ask questions of classmates, provide feedback, etc...

Examples - Three A papers have been uploaded here as examples of what to strive for. 

Please click on the assignment button at the top of the page to get started. 

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