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Can Peace Lead to War?

World History - Mr. Burch


In this 5 paragraph essay, you will argue whether or not peace can lead to war. Make sure to include the following:

  1. Cite at least THREE different sources in your writing (Your body paragraphs are great places to do this).

  2. Be sure to include your works cited, ON A SEPARATE PAGE AT THE END, with your essay. (MLA Format is fine)

  3. Works cited needs to be in EasyBib format.

  4. Do a spell check before you submit and fix anything that is off.

  5.  Remember to think deeper and go beneath the surface when using your sources.

Grading Rubric for this Essay

Most people choose to use the Treaty of Versaille to examine this topic and to write their paper. However if you feel like using a different example that is possible but you'll need to get approval form Mr. Burch first. 


 Many students have had success utilizing the five paragraph essay outline organizer. You can find a copy of that here or on the Example page.  

      -  Below is an example of simple completed outline organizer

Essay Organizer Example.JPG

If you have questions, ask Mr. Burch, Mr. McKeever or post them on the communications page on this site.   Good Luck!

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